A Ma Guangcai large market relying on the jingmen unique three-dimensional traffic advantages and location advantages,Four provinces trade resources around,Form a unique business trading hub。At the same time a Ma Guangcai large market from consumer demand,Advance planning,Three big group forms,The unique business culture and life into the household daily operation of the market。Buy a two layer,There is no doubt......
Dongbao district party committee secretary zhen-jun liu to visit a Ma Guangcai large market inspection guide work
The good news:Warm congratulations on the Dan、NPC、Yi shi, whole house custom has all brands to a Ma Guangcai big market
Sorching summer cool and refreshing Sympathised with merchants shu
Dongbao district deputy district chief Song Xingyu inspected a Ma Guangcai large market guide city back into the garden
Green building industrial park Ma Guangcai big trade exhibition center settled in to the market
Filar silk cool and refreshing The thick love——The city、Area of the Red Cross to a Ma Guangcai big market to send cool and refreshing
There is a fruitparty!Just you~
1.Core strength   Seventh generation luster large market upgrade
2.Central planning  The city of light,The door to wealth
3.The core layout  Three big group forms,To build a one-stop platform
4.The core design  First the first double layer design,The vehicle to the second floor
5.The core brand  Xiangjiang home first,With big investment
6.Core operations  Please help,Create thousands of multimillionaire
Investment story
Ten heavy wealth protection Make money is as simple as that
Big market——The king of all
Six big buster,Is the escort of wealth
Three big investment promotion policy,Capture the wealth
Internal rendering
Internal rendering
Regional renderings
An aerial view at night
Panoramic rendering shops
Xiangjiang home renderings
Regional renderings
The entrance effect
An aerial view
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